IMG_3128xy_Bildgröße-ändern-683x1024Erotic is the art of Female Domination…

For me female Domination is to use and control the overwhelming power, which is given by nature to the female. Some females are born with a very strong developed kind of this power. Others like to believe they can learn or even try to pretend to have it. It is the power that makes the male creature want to leave his entire former-self behind and dedicate all of his personality to the externalization of the completely fulfilling moment of absolute devotion or pain. Just to show her he is able to unconditionally dedicating himself and to trust her 100 %. To make him feel only her presence and so, become hers through and through. You can experience that overwhelming power with me. If you are lucky, I might allow you…


Mainly, I like to learn all about your deepest desires, even the ones you did not know yourself. I want to find out your limits and maybe push it just a little more and bring out a totally other side of your personality; the dark side in you. A side you do not want to, or cannot show in your everyday life.


During my sessions I passionately focus on Classical Domination & Education, Bondage and Latex. I am interested in many fetishes, like Foot-Nylon or Shoe Fetish. Often I like the game to remain erotic and use mainly my feminine power to overwhelm you. A totally another side of me comes up as I get face to face with a true masochist, a side of me, which only can be satisfied if I push him to his very limit. I really enjoy it to let you scream and suffer the pain. As much and as long as I like!.

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